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With changing times, businesses are looking out for new options to be in charge of their own futures and eCommerce is one compelling avenue for success. Creating a plan of action is essential to prioritize the resources to develop an effective eCommerce business plan. The recent technological advances have made this goal more accessible.

For new businesses, it can be difficult to recognize exactly how to start an eCommerce business that will be fruitful in generating revenue. …

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There are several ways available to employ zoom in canvas-LMS. It can be used by integrating the zoom app or with a direct zoom URL.

Integrating zoom with canvas-LMS using zoom’s LTI Pro app:

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Configure LTI Pro on Canvas:

  • Login to your zoom account
  • Go to the LTI Pro application and Sign In. Click Manage to Configure.

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In this age of e-commerce, businesses are rendering their services online. With the help of eCommerce, life has become comfortable for both the buyers and the sellers. Today, complete transactions can be made from the comfort of home. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also shown us that retail business can run their operations smoothly and fulfill a variety of transactions safely through eCommerce online stores. The safety concerns surrounding the pandemic have made it essential to shop virtually. Even though things are slowly re-opening, many have become accustomed to online shopping. …

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Timeout Error is an exception error thrown when any block of code takes too long to execute, so it terminates its execution by throwing the same error.

This is a common issue we may have faced many times while integrating third-party APIs. This is because whenever we send API requests to any third party, we have to wait for their responses.

In order to handle such Timeout errors, we’ll need to catch the exception error and then handle it properly.

Here a sample example with require ‘timeout’:

require ‘timeout’…

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What is a Cron job?

A job scheduler, cron lets the user execute recurring tasks at a fixed time interval. Cron jobs can run in a background process.

For eg: every minute, hour, day, or year.

Understanding the use of the ‘whenever’ gem?

The “Whenever” gem is used to add and schedule a task to the crontab file. It is a Ruby gem that gives a clear syntax for writing and deploying cron jobs.

Steps to generating Excel sheet every 12 hours.

Step 1: Add the gem ‘whenever’ to…

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A technology that facilitates the existence of cryptocurrency, Blockchain is one of the best-known technologies ever invented. A medium of exchange, cryptocurrency is a digital model of currency that uses encryption techniques to regulate the formulation of monetary units and to transfer funds.

Since its first conceptualization in 2008, blockchain technology has evolved and found its way into numerous applications beyond cryptocurrencies. Blockchain promises the strength to enhance the business processes between organizations by radically reducing the “cost of trust.” …

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XLSX is a file extension for a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Exporting a file with the .xlsx extension creates an editable and viewable spreadsheet in Excel. This helps to easily re-group, combine, and re-format the data.

A model and controller are used to display data from the database in a table format. To convert that data in XLSX spreadsheet, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Add gem in the gem file.

Every organization has its special LMS requirement. Choosing a new Learning Management System (LMS) to efficiently manage an organization’s learning initiatives requires a substantial amount of considerations. With a few learning stages accessible, narrowing down the LMS determination agenda of your organization’s requirements is fundamental. Relying on the recommendations from peers and forum sites can sound good, but choosing a precise LMS based on the research and clarity of requirements. A wrong LMS selection can give rise to a lot of problems, lead to a waste of time, money, and contractual obligations. …

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Understanding RSpec:

In RSpec, the ‘R’ stands for Ruby and ‘Spec’ stands for Specification. A testing tool framework, RSpec is formulated in Ruby programming language to test the Ruby code. RSpec is a Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) framework that is widely used in production applications by Ruby programmers. BDD employs a unique approach to software development by combining Domain-Driven Designs with Test-Driven Development and Acceptance Test-Driven Planning. RSpec assists users to perform the TDD by focusing on several aspects of documentation and design.

Steps for drafting RSpec for Model Testing:

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With COVID-19 restrictions being imposed, businesses are experiencing setbacks with a drop in sales and customer footfall. With lockdowns and strict safety measures in place, businesses are ‘re-thinking their strategies and future paths. Amidst this uncertainty, businesses are opting for flexible ways to run their business. This temptation to try a distinct route to embrace the new conditions with the flexibility of achieving the business goals is directing business to the eCommerce market. Online eCommerce stores offer flexibility to establish a balance that businesses may not have been able to experience before.

To make life easier…

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