How To Apply Rich Content Editor (RCE) To Any Field?


By: Swapnali Pise Category: Ruby on Rails, LMS Technologies: Ruby on Rails, LMS

The Rich Text Editor is a tool that permits you to add or edit content, pictures, links, and different parts on the page without knowing any code. It shows the content and any design as it would show in the browser.

1) Add tinymce-rails to your Gemfile. gem ‘tinymce-rails’

2) then run bundle install

3) In your form .html.erb add CDN & script for tinymce.

4) In-text field add:class => “tinymce”

5). If we have to display it in the table then simply write. . html_safe

Conclusion :
It has the ability to convert HTML Textarea fields or other HTML components to editor instances…

Happy Coding !!

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