How To Include Any Chart In Your Rails App

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3 min readMay 5, 2022

By: Prem Kaithwas Category: Ruby on Rails Technologies: Ruby on Rails

If you want to chart different types of charts in your application using a single library, the Apex charts library is a good one I know.

Follow these steps to use the apex-charts library in your rails application.

1. Open your terminal and run this command to create your brand new rails app.
rails new my-app

2. Install all the necessary gems required by our rails app by running this command.
bundle install

3. Create a database for our application by this command.
rails db:create

4. Let’s generate a scaffold for Model Student by running this command.
rails g scaffold Student name marks:integer

5. Migrate database by running this command
rails db:migrate

6. Start the server to check, we are going well till here by running rails s.
rails s

7. If everything is going well, create some records.

8. To add the apex-chart library in your rails app, you can add it using cdn or by using npm.
Goto this link for more details.

9. I have used cdn to include the apex-chart library in our rails app, the script for cdn is below:
<script src=”"></script>

10. Now visit the apex-chart official website to quickly get the code for your required chart. Once you are on the apex-chart website choose any chart you want in your app by clicking on it. Follow this link to get there directly.

11. When you click on any chart here, you are directed to a more detailed page related to the chart you have to choose, here you can alter the chart as per your requirement and copy the design of the chart from here, and paste the code in your javascript file.

12. You got your chart.

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