Magical ROR Development Tools.

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Tools to Simplify Ruby on Rails App Development

1. Rubocop:

- Rubocop is one of the best gems in ROR for developers because of its amazing features. Rubocop can be used to analyze code through the whole application.

- It can easily find out the bugs and errors in the code and also gives a detailed description of bugs/errors.

- Rubocop is a very useful tool to check the code grammar, variations, and other things as per ruby best practices and guidelines.

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2. Brakeman:

- Brakeman is also a very useful gem similar to Rubocop for developers. It is open-source security and vulnerability scanner for the ROR code, which tracks the bugs in coding standards as per security on the whole application or on a single file.

- It gives the list of possible issues in formatted table structure with the Filenames and line no. It also suggests which line of code needs to be modified.

- It Spots potential security vulnerabilities in the Rails application.

Reference Link:

3. Bullet:

- Bullet is one of the best Gem to identify N+1 queries in Rails applications.

- It reduces the number of queries for processing and enables developers to decide when the counter cache is required by understanding the number of queries that the system is facing.

- It is a great ruby gem for handling the scaling requirements of the application.

- It also suggests telling when to use eager loading in the Rails applications.

Reference Link:

4. Rspec:

- Rspec is one of the outstanding Testing Tool in the Rails applications. It is useful to write TestsCases for our functionalities before implementation tests and after implementation tests.

- Using Rspecs we can write all the possible examples / TestsCases for our functionalities to test whether our feature working or not. There are multiple matches available in Rspec that can be used to write examples/ TestsCases.

- In the rails app, there is a spec folder where we have to put all spec files containing Rspec scripts.

- We can execute Rspec tests for the whole application or a single file.

Reference Link:

Conclusion: There many more useful Gem’s are available which can be used to increase ROR developers’ efficiency and productivity.

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Cryptex specializes in developing open source web applications and software solutions across all domains and verticals using Ruby on Rails (ROR) technology

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Cryptex Technologies

Cryptex Technologies

Cryptex specializes in developing open source web applications and software solutions across all domains and verticals using Ruby on Rails (ROR) technology

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