Things A Learning Management System Can Do For Your Organization & Its Benefits

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4 min readJul 3, 2020


In a world progressively driven by regulation, compliance, and record-keeping, it’s of no surprise that more and more corporations are turning towards Learning Management Systems and eLearning as a solution to avoid wasting money and guarantee accurate records are kept & results are obtained. There are, however, more ways that within which a Learning Management System advantages a company than merely ensuring that your company is compliant with regulations like health and safety.

A Learning Management System with eLearning materials will save money (or permit the training budget to travel much further), improve organizational performance, and increase employee satisfaction. this may clearly feed through into further performance improvement, thereby making that Virtuous Circle, therefore, sought after by numerous organizations… the learning organization.

Here are six things a Learning Management System will do, and six important Learning Management System advantages to think about.

Six Things A Learning Management System will do For You:

1. Content is always accessible
We all recognize we tend to forget terribly quickly over an hour what we were taught in an exceeding classroom by the time we tend to retreat to figure (especially if we don’t place it into immediate use). A Learning Management System with eLearning courses makes it simple for learners to go back over their courses to continually reinforce their learning.

2. Reminding That training Is needed
A Learning Management System can tell you once the training was undertaken and once it must be recurrent, helping to stay your employee learning and compliance up to date.

3. Audit Proofing
A Learning Management System will record and report thoroughly and real-time who took the training courses and how well they learned. This makes an audit of your organization for ISO or different requirements an easier and fewer stressful exercise.

4. Record training
As compliance needs for areas such as Health and Safety increase, and organizations focus additional on employee development, it’s an LMS that will record that your employee has taken the course and how well they performed. A Learning Management System will record each eLearning.

5. On-Demand training
A Learning Management System with eLearning courses is out there for your organization’s learners 24/7. No longer do hungry learners need to await the classroom course to come back around.

6. eLearning And Mobile Learning are dynamic
Training is progressively being delivered as eLearning via computers, tablets, and smartphones. A device-responsive LMS makes this potential by delivering eLearning, apps, videos, and different varieties of eLearning to any mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

Learning Management System advantages:

1. Quicker Compliance training
Well-Trained manpower is a lot of productive and can deliver improved service to customers or colleagues. Induction of new hires is often made a lot easier, simpler, and quicker using a Learning Management System and eLearning courses. Studies show a well-designed induction reduces employee turnover considerably by reducing time to ability and removing that frustration issue for new hires.

2. Saving money
A Learning Management System combined with eLearning courses saves time far from work. It additionally saves money on travel and accommodation. eLearning courses are considerably cheaper to deliver than traditional face to face courses. Returns on Investment models have shown vast savings on training expenditure by employing eLearning Management System and eLearning courses.

3. Rising employee Performance
With eLearning courses in a Learning Management System always out there “on-demand”, employees can overcome their immediate skills and training barriers very quickly. Studies have shown employing a Learning Management System and eLearning will considerably improve employee performance with a “Just in Time” resolution.

4. Multiple site Consistency
A Learning Management System can guarantee a corporation with several locations all receive a similar level of training and therefore the same consistent message. No branch, site, or store, but remote, is ignored by training. No additional excuses!

5. No missed training
Letting learners schedule their own training times has proven an enormous incentive to learning and training uptake. A Learning Management System can permit the liberty for several learners to suit learning into busy schedules and flex learning by using short chunks of eLearning, whereas giving managers a true up to the minute summary of learning activities. No additional excuses for not attending courses by busy individuals.

6. Orienting training to an Organization’s needs
The Learning Management System provides a strong tool to make sure that new initiatives (product launches or new in operation procedures) are often delivered effectively and systematically across the organization and therefore the impact readily assessed. A Learning Management System makes learning dynamically aligned to the organization’s needs as training is often unrolled quickly and measured effectively.

Final Thoughts
This is why a lot of organizations giant and little across the world are adopting Learning Management Systems. Not all LMS are equal, therefore it’s necessary to seem to a merchant that actually understands your needs and might offer an answer that’s engaging and intuitive for the learner to use and strong and reliable for the organization’s needs.

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We have done various customization in Canvas LMS for our clients according to their needs.



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